Founded in 2016 the Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH is a digital production engineering

and AI startup based in Munich and Ingolstadt.


After a steady organic growth by daily business, the founders decided to seek for VC in 2018. The company raised $1m in a first seed round and is now heading for its aspiring vision. With more than combined 16 years of industrial and academic feeding experience Hofmann & Stirner has what it takes to reinvent feeding technology. 


We owe our high quality of living to the products around us. The existence of these products would not be possible without automated production systems assembling them.


Yet manufacturing companies face huge challenges. Costumers demand new products in a shorter period of time. Climate change affects the way we produce and the materials we use therein. It is getting harder to predict what and how manufacturing companies are going to produce in a few years.


Mankind needs a modern, agile and sustainable production with smart factories, 3D printing and co-working robots. We believe that our technologies are a key contributor for such a production – to improve people´s lives.

Hands on

We are on the mission to evolve a technology that hasn’t changed for decades into some state-of-the art machinery. We value what the generations before us have built and try to use this foundation to turn good into even better.


To do so, we´re looking for people who are passionate about leaving old paths and applying new technologies in real-world applications. We encourage our programmers to assemble Toolings and our engineers to do some marketing.


We strive to pursue the best version of ourselves and if something doesn´t work the first time (hey, it´s feeding technology!) our motivation to succeed only is getting higher.

What to expect

Feeding technology is serious business. If we don´t deliver, the costumer´s production stops. We are one of the main factors for the costumer's OEE and well aware of this. When it comes to daily business we do not rest, until we come up with a suitable solution. A promise that we keep with our names.


To deliver best results an adequate working surrounding is required. That´s why we have free coffee and a snackbar. Our working hours are flexible and of course you can have homeoffice.


We encourage education on the job and have a budget for your own R&D desires as long as they fit our company's goals. We go on team events regularly and if you´re staying the evening on Friday, you can even listen to musicians performing in the nearby Olympia Stadium. 


Q: You are a startup. Our production machines are supposed to run for years. What happens if we do not work together any more?

A: We are well aware of the fact that feeding systems are supposed to run for a long time. That´s why it is of utmost importance to us that you as well as your costumer are able to get your feeding systems based on ROTU or PARU running at any time. Therefore we designed ROTU and PARU that even unexperienced auxiliary workers who can handle a torque key can assemble our machine platform. In fact, the only tool you need to assemble ROTU or PARU is a torque key and our instruction manual. You do not need to make any manual adjustments, as both ROTU and PARU are solely tuned using the Tooling. And because you have the Tooling´s CAD data, you can always rebuild it by CNC milling or 3D printing.

Q: I want to get first experiences with ROTU and PARU. What options can you offer?

A: If you are interested in getting to know our platform and technology, feel free to visit us in our headquarter in Munich or our production center in Ingolstadt. We can also arrange an experience-month where we bring a ROTU with a Tooling to your facility and you can watch it in detail before buying. If you´d like to build you own Tooling, we recommend starting with a Tooling for PARU. 

Q: Can you name some references?

A. Due to confidentiality please get into contact with Daniel Hofmann or Florian Stirner for further informations on references.

Q. Can I buy your simulation software?

A. We will bring most of our technology on a web-platform under the domain Here you´ll be able to get instant offers for new feeding systems simply by uploading a feeding part and orienting it in the desired output orientation. Furthermore you´ll be able to simulate your own toolings and ultimately get recommendations on how the tooling should look like.

Q. What´s the advantage of ROTU and PARU vs. robots with cameras?

A. Due to the continuous material throughput vibratory conveyors offer a higher feedrate than individual robots with their individual picks. Furthermore, ROTU and PARU are almost maintenance-free and therefore ideally suited for reliable continuous operation in an industrial environment. With ROTU and PARU, you no longer have to decide between feeding performance and flexibility.


Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH, Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, 80992 München