Don't guess.

Digital Physics

Multiphysics simulation for high performance feeding. 

Rigid body simulation

of feeding parts

Structural mechanics

of ROTU and PARU

Fluid dynamics of pressured air

Digital optimization

no trial and error

Plug & Feed.

With our simulation we transfer all the relevant feeding physics to the digital world. By that we are able to optimize vibration and Tooling topology.


That’s why we can achieve Plug & Feed in commissioning. Perfect first time run. And we don’t need sample parts to start. CAD is enough to get you an optimized Tooling.

Artificial Intelligence

Read, interpret and generate CAD and physics data for feeding.

Get an offer

within 24 hours

Similarity analysis

with existing projects


AI does engineering

to create Toolings

Result validation by

physics simulation

Tooling Recommendation Engine.

Every feeding part correlates to a certain Tooling topology of functional surfaces. We use Deep Learning to process the CAD and physics data of feeding parts and Toolings in order make it learn how these relations are.


Step by step we will be able to build a Tooling Recommendation Engine to get feeding systems in a very short time for your production.


Hofmann & Stirner Zuführsysteme GmbH, Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1, 80992 München