Upscale your OEE.


High performance meets flexibility. 

Dual mass

oscillator at 100 Hz

Power it like

any bowl feeder

No manual

adjustment required

Freedom by 4

emptying positions

Planning. Easy.

CAD data of the feeding part is enough to start the development of your feeding system. Changes of the feeding part, even at a later stage, are no problem. We simply resimulate and adapt the Tooling. Changes of the machine layout, even at a late stage, are no problem.

Simply reorient the ROTU and adapt the length of PARU.


# Up to 250 parts/min

# Left or right rotating

# Footprint 330 x 330 x 336 mm

# Powered by 2x electromagnets

Operation. Easy.

The ROTU machine architecture is feeding part independent.

Put parts into the ROTU, mount the Tooling and start your production.

A manual adjustment is not required.

All the tuning is done with the Tooling.


# Up to 700 parts/min

# Left or right rotating

# Footprint 484 x 484 x 423 mm

# Powered by 4x electromagnets

Service. World class.

We know that your costumer is trusting you to build a machine that is running for years. That is why you rely on a perfect feeding system.

We designed our platforms that even unexperienced, auxiliary workforce on the shop floor can carry out any repair. If you can handle a torque key, you can handle ROTU and PARU.


Changes in the feeding part required? Use our digital technologies to check the functionality of the Tooling while production continues to run.


Precision meets modularity. 

Dual mass

oscillator at 100 Hz

No feeding backwards

at no tilting

No manual

adjustment required

Two sizes can

create eight lengths


# Footprint 100 x 120 x 400 mm

# Powered by 1x electromagnet


# Footprint 100 x 120 x 800 mm

# Powered by 1x electromagnet

Tooling. Fast delivery.

Toolings for ROTU and PARU are the individual devices that get your parts into the required output orientation and buffer or further orient them. The Toolings can be changed within 2 minutes and fit to every ROTU or PARU of the same size. By the way, PARU Toolings can vary in lengths between 400 mm and 3.700 mm.

Our pricing is classified in three categories.


Parts like screws, nuts, bolts with

very few orientations.


Short tracks with simple



Parts with a more complex shape,

but less orientations.


Long and simple tracks or short and complicated sections.


Parts with complex shapes and

many orientations.


Long tracks with complex



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